A sigh of relief…

 We are leading company in the development, design, construction and financing of medical equipment projects in Iran. It will be pleasant and delightful for you to be sure that you can use the production equipment of this company.


Zist Tajhiz is a leading company in green production and being nature-friendly.

Modern Technology

In Zist Tajhiz, we use the latest technologies for manufacturing.

Independent production

All our products are fueled by Iranian minds and are produced completely independently.

Accomplished R&D

This company has gathered a group of Iranian elites to design a product for you.

Features of our products

Zist Tajhiz’s localized technology brings you highly reliable premium equipment that’s built to last all day long, every day of the week, even in the most challenging environments.

High-Quality production

During the production process, we insisted on the final quality of the product, and for this reason, we used the best raw materials available in the market. In addition, we have successfully passed all the tests and experiments related to the quality and accuracy of the device and have been able to obtain the standards required for production. All our products have a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health. Also, Zist Tajhiz has obtained ISO 13485 medical equipment production management standards.


Home oxygen concentrator

Light weight, low noise, energy-efficient

These three words are very pleasant to the ears of patients around the world who rely on home oxygen concentrators for their daily needs. It will be pleasant and nice for you to be sure that you can use the light and quiet Oxygen Plus oxygen concentrator.


BiPap Plus device is an all-in-one and smart device and the function of device can be change to BiPap or CPap according to patients’ needs. The exhaust air can be control too. Using this device, the pressure and volume can be viewed at any moment.

Plasma autoclave

The plasma autoclave device of Zist Tajhiz Company is designed considering different aspects of the customers’ needs. This device performs processes using a microcontroller, and this feature allows us to have more control over the device. This device ability to connect to the Internet is one of its unique points.

We are creating a better future for you.

We believe that we can enhance the quality of your life.

Quality production

From design to the end of production, we have tried to use the highest quality raw materials.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Remote control and reporting capabilities are among the advantages of our production devices.

After sales services

The after-sales services team of Zist Tajhiz are at your service all day long, every day of the week.

We are devoted to green production

From development to production, we care for the environment so that this world’s heritage will be inherited to future generations.


We intend to equip our factory with solar panels soon.


All the waste of Zist Tajhiz factory is sent for recycling.

Bio energy

No fossil fuel used

Global warming

We are trying not to contribute to global warming.

We are creating a better future for people

Zist Tajhiz is a leading company in the production of medical equipment in Iran

If you think you have a proficiency that can be used in the design and production of medical equipment, then join the great team of Zist Tajhiz.

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